Baya’s building system enables developers to design, decorate, order and build homes and structures at a fraction of time and cost without compromising quality, integrity, design and/or functionality. 

The company introduces a revolutionary approach to structural design, deployment and assembly of homes, condos and multi-purpose structures.



Decreased design costs

Pre-cut building components (zero waste)

No construction = quick assembly

No tradesmen delays 

No overruns of material or labor 

Environmentally conscious

SMART home technology 

Pre-wired/routed for electricity, plumbing, sewage, audio



Baya structures are designed and delivered using state of the art construction technology, assembled on permanent foundations and completed by trained installers. 

Component built technology allows structures to surpass national and international building codes (Miami-Dade hurricane and Tokyo earthquake). These components allow maximum freedom to design 1-4 story buildings for any purpose.

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